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I'm first and foremost a coach and mentor.  I love teaching you how to connect with your own intuition so that you are able to heal yourself so that you can have a life you only ever dreamed of.


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I'm not a best-selling author, but I am here to educate you on spiritual terms, tools and practices that raise your consciousness, connect you to your own inner guidance and create magic shit in your everyday life.


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And lastly I love to talk...so beware when you ask me a Q on something I'm passionate about because I will go off on 700 tangents.

coach & mentor. writer. loving mama. conscious creator. fbomber. coffee devotee. recovering control freak. equal parts magic and mess.  yes i'm a spiritual being but fuck, I'm also human, having human experiences.  Giving women the tools to create, inspire and uplift their lives, loves & business. 


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