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I’m an intuitive life and business coach passionate about helping people self-actualise and expand into their highest and most authentic version of self. I want to be a catalyst for change within yourself and help you to live expansive and empowered lives, supporting you through personal and business transformation. 


about monique

Certified Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, BCom in Marketing and Finance and Masters (GDip) in Accounting

I was born and raised in Far North, New Zealand. My coaching vision is simple. I want to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

My dream is to help others achieve their dreams. To show them what’s possible. To help them see and fulfil their potential.

I combine my experience, my knowledge and my intuition to gently help you identify and overcome any fears or obstacles that are standing between you and your dreams.

I am a high achiever, a mother, a business woman, a seasoned meditator and a creative. I’m sometimes a bit of a dreamer but also have laser sharp focus and determination to follow my heart centred path.


My dream is to help others overcome their fears so they can reach their dreams. Helping them to live and create from the new paradigm of consciousness. I want to show people how to live with less stress in order to optimise performance and achievement and experience more clarity and calm in their everyday life.



qualifications + experience

I moved to Australia after completing my Bachelors and Masters degree in Finance, Accounting and Marketing to begin my career. Over the next 12 years I worked extensively in Australia from the Head Accountant for a privately owned Finance company to working in management on a multi-million dollar Oil & Gas project in Northern WA. All this before eventually transitioning into my current role as a biz owner and Mama to 3.5 year old Beauden.

When my son was born I completed a one year life coaching course to become a certified coach and began meditating. I became a mindfulness meditation teacher in 2017. I continue to immerse myself through ongoing education about the science and benefits of meditation and begin my Vedic meditation training (2-3 year pathway) in June 2019.

Having worked in senior management for over 10 years in high pressure roles as well as emotionally and physically demanding workplace environments, I understand the conflict between stress and high performance and the demands of juggling a family and career and the impact this has on your wellbeing both at home and in the workplace.