yo. Pull A Seat up sis.

My name's Moni.  Let's get to know each other better.


Before my son my life was all about my werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.  That and making money.  Oh and spending the money. 

Once upon a time I was an Accountant and spent 11 years in the corporate world, climbing the proverbial ladder, and I was kick ass at my job.  My last proper 9-5 job (more like 5.30-6.30) was in Oil and Gas and was a Fly In, Fly Out job where I worked  12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week on a remote island in regional Western Australia for about 5 years.  The campsite I lived in was about 20 minutes from the construction site where females made up less than 7% of the workforce.  Our rooms reminded of dark wet caves; they were tiny, depressing, dark and dingey with bars on the window (cyclone rated) and sheets on the beds that could tell some stories.

But the payoff (as I told myself) was that I was earning more money than I had ever dreamed of.  And wasn't that worth the long hard hours, the demanding and unrewarding workload and dealing with the assholes and ass kissers, the derogatory comments, the agressive managers who would scream and threaten and the new battles and fires that each day seemed to bring? 

But beside all that my life looked like it was ticking along nicely.  I had an epic paying job, I was happily married, I drove a fancy car, I purchased a million dollar property at 28, I went on endless holidays sometimes to backpack and sometimes flying business class.  For one glorious week every fifth week or so, the world was my oyster.  My life goals were being checked off fast and furious.  Tick, tick and tick.

But behind the scenes, I was fucking miserable.  I was sad, lonely and constantly pissed off at myself or someone else.  Sure I smiled and acted like everything was peachy but most of the time, I barely felt like I was holding it all together.  Coz man did I have issues.  I grew up in a violent household, I left home at 15 then again at 17 with nothing but hopes and dreams (literally) for my future, I worked 3 or 4 jobs at a time through Uni just to pay my rent, I lined up for foodstamps to buy groceries. I hustled and worked my ass off through Uni and then hustled and worked my ass off at work, slowly climbing the ladder but never ever really reaching that feeling of success or achievement.

At some point, I just got tired.  Tired of doing the same old shitty things and not getting anywhere, not moving forward and constantly hoping that something magical will happen and my life will transform.  I made a decision to change because I literally couldn't stand my own shit any more.

Coaching, self-help, self-development, spirituality changed my life.  I threw myself into studying various modalities, so that I am able to help women, like myself, find relief from their inner turmoil.  And more than that make lasting permanent transformations to the way you see & operate your love, business, family and life in general.

quick facts...

always in my bag: a pen & a notebook

bad habit: shutting down when things get "hard"

secretly love: trashy reality tv

first thing I do in the morn: cuddle my son, have all the coffees, meditate, write, get outside.

Forest or Beach? Forest

a fear i have: upsetting people / rocking the boat

currently learning: how to surrender

5 Star or Backpack? Both

something random: i'm currently living in a town with (apparently) a population of 930

briggs-myers: enfp

obsessed with: personal ceremony, cacao, crystals & adopting plant orphans. also the bachelor.

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