hi. i’m monique.

I’m an intuitive life coach passionate about helping women self-actualise and expand into their highest and most authentic version of self. I want to be a catalyst for change within women and help them to live expansive and empowered lives , supporting you through personal and business transformation. 


what is my mission?

My mission is to guide women to the highest and most authentic version of themselves. Help them parent from the new paradigm of consciousness and wholeness rather than scarcity and fear. Becoming their own healers. Letting go of those past trauma’s that made them feel so powerless to make BIG DEAL decisions in their life; empowered choices in relationships, life and careers. Connecting with their intuition and living life with more trust and flow and optimal energy. Practicing heart centred self-care that nourishes your body and soul.

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How did I get here?

There was a time when I was a work obsessed - it was the only place I felt like I was good at something, appreciated and valued. But outside of work I was paralysed by my inability to make decisions or stand up for what I knew to be right for my heart and soul, I was allowing life to happen to me and felt completely powerless to my circumstances and let opportunities pass me by. I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body and needed to control every single detail of my life and those around me in order to maintain the facade that my life was in order. And everything around me suffered; my relationships with others, my emotional wellbeing and my physical health.

When I was in labour with my first born, my beautiful son Beauden, I transcended my mind and body for the first time. It was the most transformative experience where I had a glimpse of this powerhouse woman who had undying faith in her own potential and completely believed in her own strength and capabilities.


A leap of faith

This glimpse of my highest self spawned a desire to seek her out and bring her into my life full time. This made my birth experience the catalyst to a quantum shift in my life experience unlocked a part of myself that I had denied and pushed down in order to survive the trials and tribulations of life.

You DO NOT have to give birth to be able to find your self-worth, your purpose or understand your potential.

quick facts...

always in my bag: a pen & a notebook

bad habit: shutting down when things get "hard", i’m easily distracted

Non negotiable spiritual practices: meditation + journaling

secretly love: Netflix + kids movies

first thing I do in the morn: MEDITATION + COFFEE (and try not to wake the toddler lol)

pet peeve: people who are more committed to their bullshit than they are to their growth. passive aggressiveness.

Fav place in the world: byron bay, bali, india

fav crystal: clear quartz, celestite, tourmaline

fav oil: lavender, geranium, copaiba

something random: i'm currently living in a town with (apparently) a population of 930

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