Motherhood, Careers and Soul Care


The Lively Show is one of my favourite podcasts by Jess Lively - I listen to her almost religiously and her topics are so in alignment with my own ideas about life, tuning into your intuition, flowing with intention and living a high vibe life.

This episode has to be one of my favourites and isperfect for anyone who has either over-invested in their careers, stepped back in their careers (especially due to parenting), or anyone who is looking to see life from a new perspective.

Jess shares an inspirational message that came to her one night after hearing a mother comment on how she was slowing down in her career because of her pending birth.  I felt the same.

My career was a tricky one at the time.  With my pregnancy, came the realisation that my career (and financial independence) as I knew it wasn't just slowing down but coming to a grinding halt.  My job required me to live away from home and work long hours (10-15 hours a day) on a 26 day on, 9 day off roster with little to time off during that 4 week period I lived onsite.  When I became a mother it almost felt like the death of an old self - one I had resonated with so strongly; the career woman, even knowing that at the same time I wanted to be a stay at home Mother and that my old job made me stressed, tired and all-round miserable.

I've summarised the episode below but please listen to it yourself if you want the full effect of Jess's message - please note these are a summarised version of her words not my own!


Mothers are not slowing down when they step away from their career to have children. It is shortsighted to focus solely on your career.  The growth and development of your career is a "movement" in your life so when you step away from it, it feels like you are going backwards.

Society tends to lean toward the physical aspects of our wellbeing; career, house, wealth and health and so we put a lot of focus on the growth or development in those areas of our lives and often see fruition but still feel misery.  When we focus on slowing down in one small aspect of our lives (like career) we are missing out on the development, deepening, enrichening and evolution at the level of our soul. What if we slowed down or ignored our development there??  The soul is often not on our radar.

What if we focused on expanding our deepening consciousness and awareness and bring that wisdom to our children's upbringing.  Could we spend our time more deliberately rather than trying to gain a deeper understanding of our current life experience?

Don't focus on self-care, focus on soul care - a care that penetrates every aspect of our life rather than one small aspect like career.  A care that will allow us to bring our gains and perspective to our family, friends and workmates.  Don't focus on the small parts of life but the larger deeper more meaningful soul quenching experiences we have are able to enjoy.

As a mother I am a creator.  I shape the future and have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on this planet.

Once you've had a chance to read, I'd love to know:

How did you feel stepping away from your career to have babies?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply.  I want to create a space where people can come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

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