5 Journal Prompts to Connect With Your Highest Self


Highest Self, Authentic Self, Inner Being, Essence, Soul, Intuition...they all mean the same thing.  They are the core of who you are when you strip away the external attachments that you identify with; culture, familial, religious, gender, nationality, career.  The roles you play on a day to basis are what you do, but take away all of that and what remains?  Your true self-remains.  The self that is unmoved by your programming and conditioning and experiences.

There are two bridges to gap here;

+ The gap between who you truly are and who you were told to be (by society, family, community and even yourself to the degree in which you felt like you needed to belong or feel love or acceptance).

+ The gap between where you are and where you need to be (that is in alignment with your truth).

One way (which I go on and on and on about) is via expressive writing. 

Why is journaling so powerful?

Because you are cognitively engaging the parts of your brain that integrate your self-learning on a deeper level.  You are also allowing yourself to express your feelings and experience without judgement.

Connecting with your authentic self is a skill because we are taught in today's society to value logic, linear thinking, intelligence and even to a degree how to master your mindset as a way to manifest your dreams.  

This way of thinking disconnects us from the primal intuitive way of thinking.  Journaling can help exercise your ability to call upon a greater wisdom (95% of your brain power lives in the subconscious brainwave state) than your logical conscious mind can provide.

Five Journal Prompts to Connect with Your Highest Self

The best times to write are when you first wake up or just before bed as your brain is naturally in a subconscious state (happens before and after sleep) or after meditation/breathwork.

Set the intention of having a greater understanding of a situation you are currently experiencing and allow the answers to flow freely.

1. HOW AM I FEELING? || What am I avoiding feeling right now?  What is causing this feeling?

2. WHAT DO I NEED MOST FROM THIS PARTICULAR PERSON / SITUATION? || Do I need to be seen, accepted, understood, loved, heard, appreciated?  What responsibility do I take in this situation? 

3. WHAT AREA'S OF MY LIFE DO I FEEL STUCK, INAUTHENTIC OR SMALL? || Where do I feel disconnected? Where am I not being my authentic highest self? What is this situation taking away from me? What would it look like to step up?

4. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW TO MOVE FORWARD? || What would feel like relief? If fear was not an obstacle what action would I take?   What's the next best step I can take?

5. WHO AM I? || What does my highest-self look like?  How does she (he) feel?  What does she (he) want me to know right now?

Remember if you don't hear an answer right away be patient.  You are developing an invaluable skill and a relationship with yourself.