Cosmic Update: Libra Full Moon, Autumn Equinox + Astrological New Year

Illustration by  Rebecca Reitz

Illustration by Rebecca Reitz

  • Libra super full moon | 21 March, 2.42pm

  • Autumnal Equinox | 21 March, 10.58am

  • Start of Aries season | 21 March, 10.58am

  • Astrological New year

*all dates and times are NZST (Southern Hemisphere)

energy summary

  • Finding balance

  • Seeing area’s of disharmony in your life

  • Fiery bold energy

  • Potentially feeling impulsive

  • Seeing the results of your hard work (materially, physically, emotionally + spiritually)

  • Turning point in the house your moon occupies 

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Aries season and kicks off a new astrological year.  Aries is a fiery spiritual warrior ruled by Mars; concerned with taking action.  Though Aries can be bold and energetic they are also at times reckless and impulsive so out of balance they might act without thinking.

The full moon in Libra is the first of two this season.  A full moon amplifies whatever you are experiencing emotionally and being a supermoon (the last of the year) this energy will only be heightened even further.  Libra is a sign of balance and the Libra moon coupled with Aries season will encourage us to find midway points in our life with fire and enthusiasm but balanced with thoughtfulness. The full moon in Libra will illuminate for us the area’s of our life that are unbalanced so that we can bring our lives back into harmony.

This moon coupled with the autumnal equinox also on the 21st March supports this time of balance (where night and day are equal).  Autumn is a time of harvest and bringing in the fruits of the years labour.  You can expect a lot of new beginnings around now based on all the work you have put in over the past seasons.  There will be a powerful turning point in some area of your life (whatever house your moon occupies e.g. my moon is in the eight house which is a mysterious sector that rules regeneration, mortality, transformation and psychic sensitivity so I can expect great change here) so use the energy of all these events to go deeper into that.