Crystals • All About Apophyllite

crystal apophyllite.png

AKA | The spiritual advisor

use for | Self Reflection, Enhancing Intuition, Decision Making

CHAKRA/energy centre | ALL, third eye, heart

What's it For?

Apophyllite stones are known as the ‘stone of truth’ or 'the spiritual advisor'.  It is said that Apophyllite has the ability to;

+ Give you the courage to reflect on your own behaviour, release suppressed emotions and old trauma (particularly childhood trauma) and heal the soul.

+ Enhance the power your heart requires to make good decisions.

+ Soothe feelings of anxiety and fear.

+ Improve your connection to your intuition and build a deep relationship between your spiritual and physical self.

+ Enhance and support your metaphysical abilities, allowing you to connect with your guides

+ Purify negative energy; assists with turning negative experiences into positive experiences.

how can I use It?

+ Apophyllite has powerful cleansing and clearing properties; it can amplify the energy of a space or other crystals placed near it.

+ Use Apophyllite when meditating to release whatever mental and emotional blocks that limit your integration with whole self.  It is said to enhance your insight and clarity, allowing you to recognise the things about yourself that you need to change.

+ Place a small piece on your third eye to deepen meditations for the purpose of connecting with your higher self, past life work or subconscious memory work or near you when soul journaling or writing intuitively.

+ Keep a stone on your personal journal, oracle cards etc. when not in use.

+ If you are an artist, writer, intuitive, energy worker etc keep your stone near you to enhance your connection to intuition and create/work from a deeper level.

How to choose The right crystal?

As always, I recommend choosing a crystal you are naturally drawn to.  Crystals are tools to use in your spiritual practice, something for you to hold onto that reminds you of what you're are trying to create (your intention).  Our tools are the vehicle that helps us get where we need to go but we are still the driver and need to drive ourselves toward the destination. Allow your intuition to guide you to the crystal that it needs the most.


This information regarding crystal meanings is not scientifically verified and are intuitive only and should not take place of conventional medical or psychological treatments.