Having Grace in the Face of Fear


Grace seems to be a theme for me right now. If you know me then you’ll know that physically I’m anything but graceful; I’m clumsy and often totally directionless.⠀

But the word keeps flowing into my consciousness through my cards, the books I read, I even wrote it in big letters in my journal and circled it but can’t remember why.⠀

Doing things with grace, being graceful, having grace. The word is interchangeable with honour, poise, respect, esteem, acceptance. Something I value dearly but have lost my way with.⠀

Fear will do that to you, cause you to live outside of your values…when you let your mind run away with the ifs, buts and maybes you start to justify the reasons in which you are proceeding a little less honourably with a little less grace.⠀

Grace is a Warrior. She has courage in the face of fear.
— Moni Barry

But at our essence, the core of who we are lives a being that isn’t clunky or uncoordinated but someone who is graceful, elegant and honourable. Someone who proceeds with full acceptance of what is.⠀

Someone who knows what needs to be done and the right way to do it, whatever that may look like. Your fear is there to keep you safe, to warn you of something that threatens your safety, your zones of comfort, but often it is misplaced. Fear makes you believe that you can’t handle whatever is going to come your way.⠀

Fear screams at you to retreat, protect and avoid that person, that conversation, that decision because bad things will happen. ⠀

But grace is a warrior. She has courage in the face of fear and honour that shows up as truth and authenticity. Her ability to love runs deep and she is able to both give and receive without compromising that which is her essence, her true self.⠀

From this point on I choose grace. I choose to be poised in the face of my perceived adversity. I choose truth over fear. I choose vulnerability as my strength. I choose to honour myself AND the people I love simultaneously.⠀

Grace is not always easy. But it is easier than the alternative.