Spiritual Bypass


Positive thinking and manifestation worked for me. Until it didn't.  

I was frustrated that some things were coming to me easily while others remained elusive.  I'm following the Law of Attraction to a tee.  I'm focusing on my alignment. I'm choosing better feeling thoughts. 

What the fuck is happening here - why am I still stuck?!

I had this niggling feeling that some of the manifestation work I was doing was somehow missing the mark.

Then it clicked…I was trying to bypass the deeper spiritual work on myself; really looking at how my behaviours were showing up in my present day and where those ideas came from.  I was trying to use my spiritual practice to positively think my way into a lighter more abundant future.  How can I call in things I really want when they aren't aligned with my true values or worse my self-worth.  

You can't be rich if you feel poor.

You can't have an amazing loving partner if on a subconscious level you think an amazing loving partner isn't someone you are worthy of.

What is spiritual bypass?

Spiritual Bypass is a term coined by John Welwood, a Buddhist and psychotherapist in the 80's.

Spiritual bypassing is using spiritual ideas and practices to go around or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds and early developmental traumas.

It is an avoidance of the big picture and finding refuge in spiritual philosophy instead of going inward.  It is a focus on outer attainment and positive thinking (surface level) with little or no attention to the inner environment.

It was like an A-HA moment to me.  

As an adult I can rationalise things that happened to me as a child, I could understand them from an adults perspective. But that childlike belief and hurt still lived on inside me.


Your existence is made up of the symbiosis of the body (mind) and soul.  They work seamlessly together in order to create our reality and our body plays a very interesting role in how our experiences play out.

See our mind and body are designed to memorise things that are either integral to our survival or that it repeatedly experiences so it doesn't have to relearn them (procedural memory).  These then become unconscious behaviours.  

For example;

Integral to our survival - We do not consciously tell our bodies to beat our hearts, breathe air or digest food.  It unconsciously does this automatically. Regardless of whether we are aware that we are communicating to our body to do so.

Procedural Memory - What we learn without having to relearn the steps e.g. walking, talking, riding a bike.  The of definition trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience and traumatic memory is stored in the same place as your procedural memory (It Didn't Start with You - Mark Wolynn).

So if you are called fat often enough as a child then your body/mind will take that on as an unconscious belief so it doesn't have to relearn it and that pattern will play out in your life in some way or another. It could show up in your life as a career choice (nutritionist, coach), a hobby (cooking), a lifestyle choice (vegan, paleo) or as a disorder, addiction, depression or health struggles.

So what about you?

Don't be afraid of being honest with yourself.  There is so much freedom, love and empowerment that lies beyond what I call "the work", like a mirror is being held up to your soul and you are finally able to reconnect with that part of yourself that felt lost and heavy under the weight of your social conditioning.  It is such a relief to have the cogs of understanding click in your mind and you can finally release the experiences and memories that control you and live in true alignment with your authentic self.

What things are you having difficulty calling into your life?  

What negative patterns and behaviours are you trying to overcome without much luck?

Are you looking for clarity and direction on what your next step should be?

You are not alone, it is my privilege to be able to guide you back to your authentic self and hand over the tools you require to heal yourself.

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