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Binge & Emotional Eating

I want to talk about my struggles with emotional and binge eating. My weight isn’t actually the problem it’s just the physical manifestation of the poor relationship I have with food. As someone who works on helping people gain clarity, it frustrates the fuck out of me that I can’t get to the bottom of my problem with food and consequently my weight.

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Motherhood and Identity

Newborn Diaries Cont’d: Month Three During the second month of motherhood, I wrote nothing but the following, “motherhood is drowning me, life is drowning me”.  Fast forward to month three.  My journal evolves as I meld into my role as a mama and start to question ‘who am I?’.  Or perhaps more importantly – ‘who do

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Accepting Your Post Baby Body

The top photo was taken 3 years before my son was born. The bottom picture was taken 12 weeks after Beauden was born.  I hated my body equally in both photos. In the first photo, I was trying my absolute hardest to look “skinny”.  I genuinely loathed the body I wore. 

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