Here’s what my clients have to say about working with me…

Moni pushes me to delve deep to understand the root fo why I'm feeling how I am, and how I can better manage it next time. She always puts so much love and thought into every response and truly wants the best for me. At the completion of every session, I feel empowered. She's a gift and if you are lucky enough to snare a spot with her, you'll wonder how you ever lived without her as well.

Elizabeth anile, Writer

Moni has the natural ability to help you zero in and drill down to the root of what is blocking your alignment. In my case, her gentle but direct nudging helped me finally see what was stopping my forward motion on a project I was considering and open me up to what was truly going to create not only movement in my business but JOY. My time with Moni was not only clarifying, it was fun. What more can you ask for from a coach?

christy bartelt, hypnotherapist, RTT & coach

I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Moni at a time in my life where I was really struggling with all of my responsibilities. I was being triggered daily and I couldn’t work out why. She was intuitive, gentle, honest and had the exact amount of insight required to guide me into conscious awareness about a situation that was getting the better of me.

I’m glad I was able to be coached by what I consider one of the best in the industry. I would highly recommend Moni to anyone who is looking to expand their consciousness and move past limiting beliefs. The space Moni holds in her sessions is completely inspiring, and as a coach myself, I couldn’t have asked for a higher level of care or results.

Kerri McKenzie, Energy Artist & Coach

I started working with Moni because I felt like I was treading water and really stagnant in life. When we started to unpack some of those feelings I became lighter more energised and ultimately a much happier person, a better mum, a better partner. I found joy in things that I had lost. I feel so grounded and grateful and excited about life again which is truly thanks to Monique.