frequently asked questions

How do you conduct the sessions?

Currently, all of my sessions are conducted via Zoom. Meeting online means the sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home if you want and it saves time because there is no travel, which also means distance isn’t a problem - you could live overseas or be on holiday and we can still get together.

I know some people are a bit shy to talk on video at first but you’ll get over it, this way allows us to really get to know each other properly, often we forget that we’ve never met in person!

Using Zoom also allows me to record our session so you can go back and re-listen to it if you feel like something important came up for you.

What is the process?

We book in a consultation - this is usually online and takes about 30 minutes, we go over what your needs are and we determine if we are a good fit for each other.

If you decide you’re good to go, I send a confirmation email out with the payment details we would have discussed in the consultation. Payment must be made prior to the first session.

The first session is called a discovery session and runs a little longer than a regular session. Here we outline all the finer details of what your vision is, your coaching objectives, obstacles, fears etc this helps me get clear on what and how we’ll be working together over the coming weeks.

Every session will be different depending on what’s going on for you.  We might have a strategy session where we nut out problems and solutions together, we might do some more energetic work like energy clearings and cord cuttings or we could be doing some deeper work reframing old trauma and mindsets and discovering your programming, purpose or potential.

What’s the difference between a coaching package and single sessions?

One-off sessions are for those who need immediate clarity or support on a single issue in their life. There is no ongoing support, homework or accountability provided.

A coaching package is an opportunity for someone to directly invest in transforming their life. I offer support in between sessions if needed (via Voxer), there are at home practices we apply to help integrate anything that is brought up or learned.

My desire is to empower people to mover closer to their own truth, authenticity and dreams by focusing on what’s possible and potential.

Why is coaching so expensive?

I want to ask two question’s in return…firstly, what do you prioritise in your life and what are the costs of those to your future health, wealth and wellness. Secondly, why do you view it as an expense and not an investment? There are many reasons to hire a coach, but at the core of it all we have similar needs; to fulfil our potential and pursue our vision for our life with courage thereby transforming our lives.

Transformation isn’t for those seeking short term gratification. It takes time, work, commitment, courage and the willingness to get curious about how you want to live.

Working with a coach is a declaration that you are ready to do something different. You send a strong message to yourself and the Universe when you choose to invest your precious time, money, and energy into coaching and it’s one of the reasons that coaching is so successful.

My prices are reflective of the time and money I have invested in my craft. I've spent years to bring together a wealth of education, knowledge, skill and experience around purpose, leadership, creativity, meditation, motherhood, spiritualism, intuition and the biology of beliefs that shape our reality. I believe that I have a way of communicating and supporting my clients in way that is practical, zero BS and relatable. I know my shit and I know how to help you know your shit too.

Coaching offers a time of self-reflection and discovery that will work to positively shift the entire trajectory of your life.  I am able to highlight thoughts or ideas that you could potentially be overlooking and I want to give you the tools to navigate your own life confidently.

I’m smart / successful, why do I need a coach?

Coaching is about elevating you to the next level - regardless of where your level is at currently.

I want to bring attention to actively and continuously cultivating states of being rather than what we do so that our self-awareness becomes so ingrained in our psyche that we can turn to our community; our children, lovers, friends, families or work peers - and assist in their rising without taking from ours.

Coaching is not about how smart or successful you are. It is the pursuit of excellence in ways that you might never have considered…it is about waking from your slumber of doing and catapulting you into even more meaningful and heart centred action than ever before.

What’s the difference between coaching and counselling / therapy?

As a coach, I assume that each of my clients is a whole, fully resourced individual, who has the ability within them to live a full life. Although sometimes looking at your past can help you understand “why”, I am primarily future focused with an emphasis on possibility, potential and uncovering your true self. I don’t aim to diagnose or medicate.

In comparison, psychotherapists and counsellors are trained to support anyone who feels unable to properly engage with living or improving their own life.

If in our sessions I feel that your need for personal healing goes beyond my professional capabilities as a coach, I'll talk about this with you. I have many clients who see both myself in conjunction with a psychologist/therapist etc.

For more information please read Tony Robbins article: Life Coach vs Therapist.