Have you been thinking of booking 1 on 1 coaching to elevate your life, love, business or overall state of wellbeing to the next level? 

Wanting to know more about what life coaching and mentoring is? Read here.

a 3 month healing journey includes...

:: Weekly 60 minute sessions via Zoom or Skype for 3 months (or four sessions a month; 12 calls total). These will be recorded and sent to you for your reference.

:: Weekly check-ins and at home / practical exercises to integrate new beliefs

:: Personalised meditations for your daily rituals and healing

:: A bespoke custom-blended essential oil roller blend to support your journey

:: Unlimited Voxer Support (Direct access to each other so you can share updates, stay accountable + move through your emotions feeling completely safe and supported)

:: Distance reiki where applicable


What can you expect?

Each client has unique imprinting, dispositions and life experiences and so each journey will flow according to this.  I have an INSIDE/OUT approach where I facilitate change firstly on a neurological level and then you will see change on a behavioural level.  However the foundations of my work are as follows;

:: Recalibration - bringing your emotional state (i.e. stress, grief) back into balance.  This is important because in times of stress the mind will take the easiest path to expend as little energy as possible (so will revert to old habits) and ensure that energy for processing emotional trauma is optimal.

:: Reframing - using a series of gentle, nurturing and intuitive techniques we identify your original pain points & trauma's (subconscious beliefs) and begin to reframe them, creating new neural pathways and more empowered beliefs.

:: Reveal - With more space in your heart and mind we start to reveal your true path and call in your universally aligned truths in regards to relationships, career, money and self.


are you ready to…

:: Develop a deeper sense of self awareness and self actualisation

:: Understand how to follow your intuition and your true path within relationships, business and life with ease

:: Develop your emotional intelligence and learn how to express yourself with more courage and clarity

:: Nurture a soulful connection with yourself

:: Understand something that is going on in your life on a deeper level

:: Learn how to let go of regrets and resentment and move forward with forgiveness for yourself or others

:: Lead with a true belief and strong self worth rather than fear

Then this could be the Universal nudge you have been looking for!


What is the Investment?

I believe that true transformation takes time.   We are multi-layered complex beings and the unravelling of our comfort zones is much less scary when we are supported by someone with the intutive abilities and tools to get us there. 

Your investment with me indicates a willingness for self-discovery and commitment to your own growth and healing.  My role is to not do the work for you but to facilitate, support and challenge your journey in ways that you may not be able to reach on your own.

Healing is possible on your own, after all we are our own most powerful healers.  However you will find the healing process much more profound when someone is holding space for you and faster when you have a professional who is able to help you navigate to the core of your pain or blocks much quicker.  

A 3 month journey is $1,599 or,

3 monthly payments of $600 due in advance.

If you are interested in working with me for 6 or 12 months because you are ready for profound change and transformation in all aspects of your life including your business then we can discuss this in our discovery session.