“Employees are a company’s greatest asset. They’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement and stimulus and make them feel they are part of a company’s mission”

- Anne. M. Mulcahy


Why work with me?


In 2008 I graduated University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Marketing and pursued a Graduate Diploma in Accounting for another year after that as part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ pathway.

I moved from a boutique accounting firm to climbing the corporate ladder within the finance lending sector heading the finance team as the accountant for a group of privately owned companies in Australia. From there I took the leap to a brand new industry moving onto the Oil and Gas industry in Western Australia where I worked for the next 5 years, leading a team of 14 employees on a billion dollar project, managing a payroll of over 2,500 employees in a male dominated industry that was rife with mental health issues, trying work conditions and an isolating living environment.

As I moved into motherhood and navigated the “end of my career” I took all of my skills I had gathered over the previous 8 years to start my own business exploring spirituality, emotional health, meditation and the toll that stress took on my wellbeing over the many years working in high pressure environments. I’m passionate about helping people find joy, contentment, and health within their current lives and inspiring them to make small but mighty shifts in their mindset so that they can perform optimally in all area’s of their lives.

How you can work with me;

  • Team building events

  • Corporate retreats

  • Team and/or 1:1 leadership & development

  • Reviewing team culture

  • Motivational speaking

  • Corporate meditation classes

Offering Innovative Learning Experiences & competitive edge

One of the most important things you can do to nurture and retain talent is provide them with personal development opportunities. This can encompass anything from leadership training or building a new skill, to simply pursuing a passion that inspires an employee in and out of the workplace



When employees are disengaged, stressed unfocused and burned out they are less productive. A company that values an employees wellbeing have been linked to higher rates of productivity, because employees tend to be more motivated and dedicated to employers who invest in their well-being and happiness.



Employees who are happier and less stressed are able to open their mind to new ideas, problem solve more efficiently and nurture resilience in the face of setbacks. With the ability to think creatively and outside the box, employees are more likely to come up with unique and innovative solutions to obstacles they encounter.



Organisations that help employees feel and perform their best at work tend to have strong, positive corporate cultures. Employees are much more likely to come together as a team at companies with a strong culture that facilitates social interaction, teamwork and open communication. This collaboration can lead to some amazing results.



Employees who are less stressed and fatigued are happier. Nurturing an environment where employee wellbeing is at the forefront of the companies mind lends to happier workplaces people want to stay in. A positive culture gives an organisation a competitive advantage and will attract the type of talent that is willing to make their next workplace a home, rather than just a stepping-stone.

What is the Investment?

My rates vary depending on what your requirements are. Please complete the form below or email me directly on hello@monibarry.com to find out more information

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