Meditate to Activate (Auckland)
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Meditate to Activate (Auckland)

Searching for daily tools to develop a deeper spiritual connection and expand your self-awareness? 

Want to release stress, create more energy, and become lighter and more creative? 

Ready to raise your vibration and feel true internal freedom, peace and self-love from your day to day grind? Then you’re ready to learn how to meditate to activate and bring forward the best version of yourself.

Join Moni, Romy and Anna as they guide you in this divine practice of meditating to activate your inner light, so you can add meditation as a daily practice in your life, or, deepen your existing practice.

In this workshop you’ll learn; 

  • The basics of meditation; how to fit it in, why it’s so important and what it does to your mind and body on a cellular level

  • Techniques to shift your mindset to a higher vibration and rewire neural pathways

  • The importance of having a daily stress management practice

  • Ways to cleanse and release low vibrational blocks that could be holding you back in your relationships, career and growth

  • How to develop your own, unique daily ritual or ceremony

  • As well as answering all of your Q’s so that you can live the happiest, healthiest, most energetically-fulfilling and expanded version of your life!

This workshop will include; 

  • An opening tea ceremony

  • Daily meditative practices

  • A chakra healing meditation (with a take-home crystal and sound healing)

  • A past life regression meditation

  • Light snacks

  • New like-minded friends

We can't wait to hold this space with you.

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