this is the place for you if…


Want to feel empowered to create a life that is full of everyday joy, purpose and abundance.


You are ready to light your fire, share your gifts and make a real impact on the world around you.


you Are courageous, committed and willing to make tangible steps towards your dreams.


You are ready to explore your edges and truly be recognised and seen as your authentic self.

what I do

My aim is to live with presence and purpose and I would love to inspire my clients and community to do the same.

I am the founder of mb. Meditation + Mentoring and The Earth Muse and a dedicated and empowering facilitator. I’m the proud mother of one and passionate about my own ongoing education and personal growth.

My dream is to help others overcome their fears to achieve their dreams, to empower you to make more aligned choices for your health and wealth and to come up with real life strategies for your life and business.

We’re all becoming busier, time poor and constantly juggling competing priorities.

I advocate the benefits of meditation to help attune us to a reflective state of mind rather than a reactive state of mind, to help us to reconnect with our selves, our loved ones and our intention for the work we do each and every day. I believe that productivity and creativity is driven by calm focus rather than stressed action.

My work with individuals helps them to get clear about who they are, what they want from life and most importantly how to achieve that and I love brainstorming both life and business strategies that help bring them one step closer to their dreams.

But I also enjoy working with organisations and teams to show them how to stress less so they can achieve more, giving them a competitive advantage with more collaborative and forward thinking environments.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good, to go for the great
— John D. Rockefeller