do you want to begin meditatING?

If you are interested learning how to meditate to heal your emotional and physical wellbeing then my 4 week programme might be for you!

I answer all of the sciencey AND spiritual questions about meditation to activate the best version of yourself as well as simple tools to implement a daily practice with ease.

Meditation transformed my life.

I entered motherhood already burnt out from my highly stressful job in Oil and Gas…cue a newborn who didn’t sleep longer than 2 hours at a time for 8 months and I hit rock bottom energetically. I was frazzled, exhausted, life became overwhelming and I couldn’t handle the simplest of decisions.

Meditation helped me restore my energy, balance my priorities, clear my mind so that I could see my life purpose and passions with more ease and made me a better Mother, friend, business woman, creative and all round human being.

At its simplest meditation is a tool to help ground you when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and give you some much needed rest and recovery. But it can also be a powerful tool to help connect with your intuition, inner being and universal intelligence.

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