Amethyst Cut Base Point

Amethyst Cut Base Point


protection, calm, stress + clarity

Amethyst  is a natural stress reliever and a perfect stone for anxiety, sleep and relaxation. For those having trouble making decisions, the enhanced mental clarity that amethyst lends will help you to avoid negative patterns and fear-based choices.   

healing properties

  • Stills the mind and emotions, allowing you to feel clearer, grounded and content.

  • Relieves stress; encouraging inner strength and mental clarity.

  • Promotes wisdom and inner peace.

  • A stone of comfort for those grieving a loss.

  • Provides spiritual protection.

 practical use

  • Keep it in a highly visible area of your home for calmness and protection.

  • It has rebalancing and restorative properties so is a good gift for people with addictive personalities or overcoming great obstacles.

  • Wear as jewellery or keep in your car/handbag/desk for protection.

  • Place beside bed to help protect against overly vivid dreams or nightmares.

weight: 187 - 262g

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