Ametrine Double Terminated

Ametrine Double Terminated


creativity, focus + balance

Ametrine is a fusion of Amethyst and Citrine combining the healing properties of these two stones. If you are spending too much time focused on one area of your life this stone could serve as a reminder that only when we are balanced do we experience harmony and deep fulfilment.

healing properties

  • Unites masculine & feminine energy (NB: these are not gender related).

  • Boosts inspiration and enhances your ability to bring your ideas to life.

  • Enhances compatibility and rebalances the energy of your relationship.

  • Balances and soothes emotions

 practical use

  • Place beside your bed to bring balance to your relationship.

  • Keep in your car/handbag/desk/ for inspiration and clarity.

  • Place on your solar plexus during meditation or sleep to aid the nervous system, unblock your adrenal energy centre or rebalance your masculine/feminine energy.

weight: 203g

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