sleep, calm, conflict + connecting with guides

Celestite is known as the angel stone, with it’s celestial blue colour it is said to help to resolve conflict by cooling fiery emotions with its soft and gentle energy.

healing properties

  • The ideal crystal for your bedroom, helping you relax and release before sleep.

  • Use during times of stress and to promote an overall feeling of peace and confidence that everything will turn out okay.

  • Use to channel wisdom and communications from your guides (angelic or spiritual).

 practical use

  • Place next to your bed for a calming peaceful sleep, can aid dream recall.

  • It is a great stone for public or motivational speakers, counsellors or coaches, writers and those in communications.

  • Use Celestite in meditations to call upon your Angels / Spirit Guides.

 weight: 1125g

note: do not place in direct sunlight, can cause colour to fade

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