Clear Quartz Generator

Clear Quartz Generator


cleansing, amplifying + manifestation

Clear Quartz, a high vibrational master healer that can be used for anything you desire.

healing properties

  • The most powerful healer and energy amplifier on the planet.

  • Can enhance psychic abilities by giving its owner access to wonderful information.

  • Rebalance and stimulate your chakras.

  • Absorbs and regulates energy revitalising you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

 practical use

  • Clear Quartz is a master healer so you can use it for anything you desire.

  • Carry a clear quartz on your body to amplify your energy (emotion).

  • Use it in meditation to unblock stuck or stagnant energy.

  • Use it to charge or amplify other crystals by placing it nearby.

  • Use as a substitute for any crystal you don’t have on hand.

  • Place in a prominent position in your home. 

weight: 25 - 35g approx (intuitively selected)

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