Compassion Pack

Compassion Pack


A kit for the modern woman who wishes to embrace the soft, nurturing, feminine side of herself. This self-love ritual pack encourages acceptance and forgiveness for yourself, others and your situation.

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Tranquil 100ml

Body, room + linen mist

A reiki + amethyst infused mist for calming and soothing. Spray this tranquil elixir on your body, linen or room to promote feelings of calm + tranquility or before bed for a restful nights sleep.

Ingredients: Witch-hazel, Living water, Lavender, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang + Cedarwood

Body Oil 50ml

self love blend

Enhance your feminine energy, acceptance and love for your physical body with this reiki + rose quartz infused body oil. To aromatically dress yourself apply the oil to your belly and then move towards your heart in an upwards sweeping motion repeating the mantra “I love and accept myself”

Ingredients: Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense + Myrrh

Roller 10ml

forgive reassuring blend

Find relief from anger + guilt with this reiki + rose quartz infused roller blend. Liberate yourself with the gift of forgiveness. Apply to your heart, pulse points or directly into your hands, cup and inhale to release feelings of anger + guilt towards yourself or others.

Ingredients: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Arborvitae, Myrrh + Thyme

Rose Quartz

for love + forgiveness

Purifies the heart + brings deep inner healing and self-love. excellent for use in trauma or crisis.


for love + self-worth

Combines unconditional love with the love that says “no more”. place on heart or hold during meditation.

Orange Agate

for balancing + stabilising

Helps to harmonise negative emotions, gently facilitates acceptance of one’s self and builds self-confidence.