Energy Cleanse Pack

Energy Cleanse Pack


This ritual pack is perfect for cleansing and protecting the energy of your home, body and things.

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Cleanse 100ml

body, room + linen mist

A reiki + clear quartz infused mist for cleansing and protecting the energy of your body, room or items. Mist yourself or your space if you feel bad vibes or stale stagnant energy lingering around.

Ingredients: Witch-hazel, Living water, Sage, Frankincense, Lemongrass + Tea Tree

Black Tourmaline

to repel + absorb

Repels unwanted energy + absorbs negative energy. carry with you or place in a prominent position in your house.

Selenite Rod

to cleanse + protect

Cleanse your aura by combing the crystal up and down your body from head to toe and visualising the crystal sucking all your negativity, anxiety and worries from the day.

Palo Santo

holy wood

Light your stick, allow it to catch fire + gently blow out the flame. allow the smoke to cleanse yourself, your space or your crystals.

White Sage Bundle

Smoke stick

Ignite your sage and allow the smoke to cleanse your space. Dispose of the ashes in your garden.