Grey Apophyllite

Grey Apophyllite


self-reflection, intuition + decision making

Apophyllite is known as the spiritual advisor with the peachy Stilbite adding a softness and creative energy to this crystal.

healing properties

  • Aids reflection of your behaviour and healing old/childhood trauma.

  • Enhances connection to your intuition and metaphysical abilities.

  • Aids connection with your guides

  • Enhances courage to make decisions by soothing feelings of anxiety and fear.

 practical use

  • Apophyllite has powerful cleansing and clearing properties; it can amplify the energy of a space or other crystals placed near it.

  • Place a small piece on your third eye to deepen meditations for the purpose of connecting with your higher self, past life work or subconscious memory work.

  • Keep a stone on your personal journal, oracle cards etc. when not in use.

  • If you are an artist, writer, intuitive, energy worker etc keep your stone near you to enhance your connection to intuition and create/work from a deeper level

 weight: 719g

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