Meditate Pack

Meditate Pack


A beautiful pack to add to your personal ceremonies and rituals and deepen your meditation practice.

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Cleanse 100ml

body, room + linen mist

A reiki + clear quartz infused mist for cleansing and protecting the energy of your body, room or items. Mist yourself or your space if you feel bad vibes or stale stagnant energy lingering around.

Ingredients: Witch-hazel, Living water, Sage, Frankincense, Lemongrass + Tea Tree

Roller 10ml

ritual blend

A reiki + clear quartz infused blend to deepen your meditation and enhance your connection to source. Apply to temples before meditation and ceremony.

Ingredients: Frankincense + Myrrh


for transformation

Place on third eye or heart during meditation to connect with universal energy or stimulate psychic gifts + intuition.

Selenite Rod

to cleanse + protect

Place on any area of your body that holds tension + visualise the crystal sucking all your negativity, anxiety and worries from the day.

Clear Quartz

master healer

Hold in your hand during meditation to amplify or cleanse your energy.