New Mama Pack

New Mama Pack


Looking for something different to gift the conscious mama? This new mama pack helps to support her life stage as mother; accepting her new body, helping her to bond and always reminding her of who she is at heart.

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Tranquil 100ml

Body, room + linen mist

A reiki + amethyst infused mist for calming and soothing. Spray this tranquil elixir on your body, linen or room to promote feelings of calm + tranquility or before bed for a restful nights sleep.

Ingredients: Witch-hazel, Living water, Lavender, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang + Cedarwood

Body Oil 50ml

belly love blend

Apply this beautiful reiki + rose quartz infused body oil to your belly post pregnancy to help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks and to enhance feelings of acceptance towards your new body.

Ingredients: Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense + Myrrh

Roller 10ml

wakey wakey blend

Sometimes those sleepless nights feel like they’re never going to end, use this beautiful + uplifting reiki + clear quartz infused roller blend to perk you up when you are feeling tired. Smell directly from the bottle, apply to your wrists or roll directly onto your hands, cup and inhale.

Ingredients: Bergamot, Wild Orange, Peppermint + Grapefruit


for new beginnings

A soothing energy that eases fear, tension + stress in new mothers. supports healthy lactation. place in bra or under pillow.

Pink Aventurine

for love + happiness

A crystal for bonding known for its love energy for family + human relationships.

Rose Quartz

for grounding love

Helps heal after birth, place on your belly during meditation or times of rest.