Smoky Quartz Generator


Smoky Quartz Generator


grounding, protetcion + transforms negative energy

Smoky Quartz is a grounding crystal that anchors us to the earth while elevating us spiritually.

healing properties

  • Keeps owner safe.

  • Elevates your mood by transforming negative energy.

  • Removes negativity and absorbs toxic energy and is helpful for people struggling with jealousy, fear, anger anxiety or depression.

  • Enhances courage to make decisions by soothing feelings of anxiety and fear.

  • Clears and purifies the environment from electromagnetic stress.

 practical use

  • Gift to someone going through a hard time.

  • Keep near your electronics to cleanse the environment of electromagnetic stress.

  • Hold in your hand and breathe in and out deeply three times for a quick pick me up.

  • Place smoky quartz underneath your feet during meditation for an energy detox.

 weight: 13g

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